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Secured Doors Ltd. offer a wide range of models and countless personalisation options, blending security characteristics to refined and elegant aesthetics, and are able to adapt to different architectonic styles.

External Security Doors have a full steel reinforced core which is covered in timber. From the outside it looks like exactly like a timber front door with no visible signs of any steel. All steel cores and door components are made from galvanised steel to prevent any rust and all our timber panel surrounds are bespoke, attached to each steel core ensuring the ultimate high quality construction and finish

Three Finishing Boards.




Secure by Design
Displaying high resilience, this door offers Sufficient security against BURGLARY and is resistant to all the tools used for theft and break-ins.

Standard - Security House Doors.
Manufactured to meet all the Robust of thermal and sound insulation, this can without an ideal high security doors to be installed in domestic spaces. Its minimum metal construction makes it highly resilient and durable, Providing Your Home with a secure shield. Finished to perfection, the door is made using waterproof finish Which provides it with Sufficient protection from potential external damage and makes its highly durable. It has been constructed to Retain its original appearance Even after spreads across mechanical damage.

Standard 2 - Security House Doors.
Certified by IFT Rosenheim laboratory in Germany, this door offers complete security against theft and burglary. It has been put to exhaustive testing to ensure its resilience to all the possible methods and techniques of burglary. It offers secondary level of security and has been tested and certified by renowned laboratories for its functionality and resilience.

Premium - Security House Doors.
This door has a unique design and construction employs a specialized technique for Ensuring a high level security. It is highly resilient and offers a high degree of security. 

Tailored to suit your requirements and preferences, through the manufacture of high quality and resilient security doors, we provide you with top quality security solutions and have emerged as a leading security products and services provider entity in the UK market. All our doors are designed and constructed to meet the established industry standards and are created using the best quality materials. We integrate modern technology and techniques with the extensive experience and knowledge of our experts and deliver to you high security doors that are constructed and designed according to your individual needs and preferences.

We work through a team of highly experienced professionals who have been a part of the security industry for over 20 years. Consequently, we are able to design and deliver high security doors that are reliable and can be trusted to provide you with foolproof security. We manufacture doors that incorporate aesthetic values with high functionality and utility.