Front Doors with Side Panels

Front Doors With Side Panels

Front Doors With Side Panels

Funky Doors - Security door bullet resistance certificate showing the door meets the EN 1522 standard at level FB4 using calibres 9mm Luger, .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum. The certificate covers single leaf doors, double leaf doors, doors with top panels, doors with side panels and all other possible combinations. The certificate also covers a wide range of door features such as vision panels of varying sizes, spy-holes and extra multipoint locking systems.


Our security doors core doors utilise the high security ASSA lock as standard. This new locking mechanism carries the market’s first 25mm triangulated dead bolt, which makes for greater compression on a closed door. We can also offer other security upgrades including the Magnum cylinder lock. With all these options and features it’s little wonder that our doors carry the very highest specification available in the UK.

    We can also offer matching side panels from our full range of doors in full height and half height options. Choose a contrasting colour door frame to the door for added impact when you’ve got a large door area, as it will add depth and style to your property. There’s also a complete range of matching glass designs from our extensive range, so your side panel will be in complete harmony with your front door. You can even have the option for the letterbox to be inserted into your side panel.

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