Security Doors

Just like our internal security doors, FUNKY SECURITY DOORS’ external security doors have a full steel reinforced core which is covered in timber. From the outside it looks exactly like a timber front door with no visible signs of any steel. All steel cores and door components are made from galvanised steel to prevent any rust and all our timber panel surrounds are bespoke, attached to each steel core ensuring the ultimate high quality construction and finish.

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We offer fast and efficient services concerned with the designing, manufacture, delivery and installation of safe and secure doors, bullet proof windows and panic rooms. We are dedicated towards ensuring your home and office security and to fulfil this purpose, all our doors and windows are constructed in accordance with the modern and established standards of security and visual aesthetics.


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Facts About Modern Secure Doors

Secure doors prevents entrance doors related burglaries. There is increase in break ins in UK this year. such burglaries can take place in various forms and locations - from front, side and back doors to garage doors. Most used types of doors typically used in residential homes - solid wood doors, panel doors, metal skinned wood edged and metal edge wrapped doors. Typically door frames are made from solid wood. The well known fac...