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FD Door 65

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Modern House Front Doors is the key ellement of Your House facade. That will be the first thing, that Your quests and passangers will notice in Your house exterior. Even though it determines your taste and sense of style. It serves two important purposes - durability and aesthetic look. We offer You 65 mm thick insulated entry door. Steel skined, PU insulated with a thermal brake and frame reducing heat loss. Contemporary looking and stylish, painted in RAL colours upon request. Dec- orated with Allunox Stainless steel looking aluminium steel and windows. That combination will make Your home not only warm and secure, but visually appealing.

Modern House Front Doors

FD 65 Modern Front Door

Give your home extra sunlight

Glass panes on the door sides and (or) above give you more natural sunlight to warm the entrance room and provide illumination.Triple glazing panes are used both in the door and in small windows on the door sides (on the left, right, and top).Depending on customers preferences transparent, tinted, or matt glass can be used in glass panes.For security purposes - external glazing pane - safety glass.