FD Modern Front Door

You can choose between two types of frames

Frame Entrance door 1 Frame Entrance door 2

And two styles of doors

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Our name is Funky Doors...

Modern Entry Doors - is the most distinctive and noticeable element in your house facade. It’s very important for it to meet Your needs. Both - practical and aesthetic. We offer You 100 mm thick insulated entry doors. Steel skin, PU insulation and threshold with thermal brake - makes it durable, water, wind and whether resistant. Stainless steel looking aluminum appligues and windows finishing, carves, incrustated with Alunox inlays - makes it simply exclusive

FDI 80

80mm thick door frame is made out of aluminium profiles, separated by 20mm thermo break , filled with Pol- yurehan. Inside could be filled with 46 or 56 mm glass pane or Pu filling covered with steel sheets.

U-value up to

Entrance doors_ 80

0,89 W/M2K



RDI 100

100mm door frame made of aluminium profiles, separated with 34 mm thermal break, filled with PU. Inside could be filled with 62 or 82 mm glass pane or PU filling covered with steel sheets.

U-value up toweb_ Entrance doors_ 80-100_ EN

0,88 W/M2K



Available Alunox designIndividual design
Buying our door us you are not limited to purchasing
predesigned door: you can also put your ideas into
practice by matching your door to the garage door
decoration. Our staff will always help you to find the
optimal solution.
Individual design


Aluminum Milling Machine makes special carves,
that is already an original decor by itself. But the
carves could also be incrustated with Alunox inlays.
That makes Your door look definitely ellegant.


Give your home extra sunlight...




Glass panes on the sides of the door and (or) above give you
more natural sunlight to warm the entrance room and provide
Triple glazing panes with two gas spaces in between are used
both in the door and in small windows on the door sides (on the
left, right, and top).
Depending on customers’ preferences transparent, tinted, matt
or patterned glass can be used in glass panes.
External glazing pane glass triplex ensures security.

Glazing options:

Transparent RG 1 Transparent RG 2

Transparent RG 3 Transparent RG 4

contemporary front door

TRW                 TW              TLRW

RW       LRW           LW