TL sectional garage door track system with torsion springs provides perfect counterbalance for a sectional door of any height or width. For challenging installation conditions we have developed LHR-FM and LHR-RM hardware types. Also +SR track models available for fitting under the slope roof.
Certified according to EN 13241-1 technical specifications   
Safety features according to EN 13241  
Doors are tested and meet CE norm 89/107/EC. 
Ball bearing rollers, safe track system, reinforced frame with finger protection, anti-pinching panels - outside and inside.
 Main technical features:

Max opening: 6,000 mm wide(on request available up to 12 metres width) 
Max opening: 3,000 mm high
Min required headroom 90 mm
Min required sideroom 90 mm
Spring lifetime ~20,000 cycles
Uvalue 1-1.4 W/m2K 
Noise reduction level -25 dB 
Available two track types LHR-RM, LHR-FM
LHR-RM - torsion springs mounted at rear of horizontal tracks.
       Standard - 120 mm (manual operation), 150 mm (electric operation)
       With top weather seal on lintel - 90 mm (manual operation), 130 mm (electric operation)
       With top weather seal on lintel and LHR brackets - 80 mm (manual operation), 120 mm (electric operation)  

Min required sideroom 90 mm.

Fitting depth D=H+700 mm
LHR-FM - torsion springs mounted on lintel at front of horizontal tracks.
Min required headroom: 180 mm (manual and electric operation).
Min required sideroom 90 mm.
Fitting depth D=H+510 mm
Both track types are available with sloping horizontal tracks for fitting under the sloping roof +SR
Cross-cut view