Side Sliding Garage Doors designed for elegant look, convenient use and long service life. Ultra modern look. All panel designs including glazed or Georgian. Lots of additional options. No need for wicket door. Compatible with electric operators. Tailor made doors will make your house look like million worth.
Main technical features:
Max opening: 6000 mm wide
Max opening: 3000 mm high    
For other sizes ask manufacturer.
Min lintel height 120 mm.
Standard corner 90 degrees. Custom corners available upon request.
Min side-room: 200mm (or 150mm if motor operated) on guiding rail (opening) side and 70mm on closing side. 
Corrosion resistant and low maintenance aluminium hardware. Ball bearing rolls and heavy duty carriages designed for doors up to 30 m2. Quiet and reliable operation.
Low ground rail can be fixed on existing floor.
Easy to fit and no maintenance required.
Special lock (as option) for manually operated doors.
Brush sealing along all perimeter.
The side sliding sectional door offers many advantages:

1. A lot of space under the garage ceiling
Because the door opens to the side, you can use the entire ceiling of the garage, for example, to store possesions. Thanks to its design, the side sliding sectional door can also be used in difficult fitting situations with sloped roofs.

side sliding doors