Side Hinged Garage Doors is perfect solution if you want to replace old garage door, but not style. Tailor made. Lots of options like wicket door, windows, glazed panels, pet flap etc. All panel designs and colours.
Available layouts: horizontal, vertical and chevron. Door split can be – 50/50, or in any other reasonable proportion.
All doors are tailor made: colours, windows placement, split and other options according to customer's specifications.
Main technical features:
       up to 3 m wide
       up to 2.4 m high     
For bigger sizes ask manufacturer (up to 6m wide, 10m high).
Easy anf fast fitting. All fixings included.                                          SHDeasyfitting            
Frame profile cross-cut.
Standard -same colour as door. On request can be painted any different colour.
Frames (without moulding) outer size is 10mm less than structural opening width and 10 mm less than structural opening height. 
Moulding is optional.
Recommended fitting position - flush with the front wall or deepened ~1 inch inside the opening.
Locks - aluminium, black, white.
Other colours upon request.
Standard colour options: black - for colour and wood image doors, white for white doors and aluminium for industrial. Please specify if different. 
Canopy profile
Prevents from water getting inside when door is fitted flush with the wall. 
Same colur as the frame.
Espagnolette lock to keep second leaf in closed position. Easy way to open-close second leaf of garage door.
Designed to make opening the second door leaf effortless. 
Espagnolette lock is optional.
Standard option - top and bottom shut-bolts.  
Door stays. Adjustable leaf opening angle 90 - 140 degrees.
Come preassembled  - easy to fit.
Maintenance free.
Handle options:
1. With mouldings, first leave and handle on right. Fitting - flush       with front wall.
2. With mouldings, first leave and handle on left. Fitting - flush           with front wall. 
3. First leave and handle on right, no mouldings - can be fitted in     between the opening (recommended  1 inch max).
4. First leave and handle on left, no mouldings - can be fitted in         between the opening (recommended  1 inch max).
Door split 50/50 by default. Specify if different. One leave max 1.5m wide.
Frame mouldings as additional option for garage door fitted flush with front wall.  Same colour as frame. Perfectly closes the gap between frame and wall - no need for decoration works. 
On left side frame without moulding on right - with moulding.
Threshold options:
S1 - L-shape (not recommended for cars)
S3 - Rectangular
S4 - Flat (with bottom brush seal)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
3-point lock
Garage doors higher than 2.10 metre can be equipped with 3-point lock. Locks the door leaf in three places. 
On request garage door can be equipped with pet flap.