Funky Doors offers Side Garage Door to match any model of garage or industrial door. Same design, same panel and window alignment makes perfect combination. Tailor made.
Main technical features:  
Max width 1200 mm for single leaf door
Max height 2300 mm
Easy fitting SHDeasyfitting
Frame profile dimentions. For corrosive environment aluminium door frame available. SHDframe
Locks - aluminium, black, white. Other colours upon request. SHDhandles
All doors are equiped with sliding door closers SDcloser
Fitting options: at front edge of the opening, in the middle of the opening, at rear edge of the opening and behind the opening. SDfitting1
Frame mouldings as additional option for doors fitted at the front or back edge of the opening. Perfectly closes the gap between jamb and wall - no need for decoration works.  SHDedging
Threshold options.

S1 - L-shape
S2 - Sloped (with drainage slope is used only in         case when door opens inside)
S3 - Rectangular
S4 - Flat (with bottom brush seal)
 Open side options SDopeside
Handle side options SDhandleside
As option available antipanic lock SDantipanic1
As option available 3 point lock SD3plock