Glazed Garage Doors


Panels made of aluminium profile pefectly suits modern requirements for residential and industrial construction. Different fillings, possibility to paint in any RAL colour including metallic, glazed garage door width up to 7 metres, lot of options.

There are two types of Aluminium profiles: standard and 'thermo'. Thermo profiles have 'thermal brakes' and are used where energy saving requirements are high.    Uvalue - < 3.2 W/(m²*K) for standard panels and < 2.0 W/(m²*K) for 'thermo' panels.

glazd garage doors
Glazed Garage Doors

Full View (FV) panel with double acrylic glazing. Available hardened scrach-proof acrylic glass. Also glazing can be clear,opaque, obscure, tinted.

glazed garage door


Polycarbonate glazed panels. Combined with painted ALU profiles will meet highes aesthetic requirements.




Ventilated panels (TLT). Used in undergroung parkings and other places where air flow must be ensured even with closed doors. ALU profile and filling perforated steel can be painted in any RAL colour.



FV panels glazed with tempered triplex glass. Single glazing only.




ALU panels with sandwich filling - stucco.




ALU panels with sandwich filling - smooth.

OUR full view ( Glazed Garage Doors ) glazed industrial garage doors have extremely good functional systems and an impressively elegant, modern look which will greatly enhance the exterior appearance of your business premises. You can paint the aluminium profiles in your own choice of colour and there is an excellent range of panel designs. And, as an additional option, you can install Thermos profiles with low thermal conductivity.